Manage-IT πŸ“‹ Regular Support Customised to Your Needs

Adapted to your needs

Get the most out of your computer.

Keep your computer fast.

For when something goes wrong.

Save money.

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Support as Needed

No one knows what the future will bring. That’s why our Manage-IT contract provides the services of Explain-IT, Service-IT, and Fix-IT. These will help you to keep your computer running fast and fix any issues before you lose time and money.


Whether you want to gain in-depth knowledge of an application or skill-set, gain familiarity with the workings of your computer and how everything functions, or just learn your way around the programs you use the most, we can teach you precisely what you need to know.

Adapted to fit your schedule, our training sessions can be outside of β€˜standard’ office hours, including evenings or weekends. We will teach you at your pace, in the way that works best for you.

One-off Maintenance

Like a traditional filing system, your computer can become full of disorganised or outdated files. Removing or archiving outdated files and organising what’s current will make it faster and easier for you to access what you need.

Having your computer properly serviced at regular intervals can improve its performance and ensure that security updates are correctly installed.

Remote Repairs

If you are able to connect to the internet on your Windows computer, we can, with your consent, make a temporary connection between your computer and ours that enables us to investigate and potentially fix the problem as if we were actually in front of your machine. Any parts needed to fix a hardware issue are billed separately but all other repair costs are covered under Manage-IT.

Paid Monthly

Manage-IT is prepaid on a monthly or annual basis. As a monthly subscription, Manage-IT is billed at a lower rate than purchasing individual services as and when. We also offer annual billing for even more savings; pay for 10 months’ services and get 12.