Help With Access to Online Services

The past few decades have seen the internet go from its beginning as a specialised tool unavailable and irrelevant to the lives of most people to becoming a ubiquitous necessity.

Many companies,organisations and government services have switched to requiring forms to be completed online and many more are in the process of doing so. This has the advantage of making data quicker to store, manage, update, and search. It also saves on paper usage and storage space.

Not everyone has reliable access to the internet, however, and some people are not at ease using computers for daily tasks, making it difficult or impossible for them to complete necessary paperwork online.

With the many advantages it brings, the trend towards moving services online shows no signs of ending and this means that knowing where you can get internet access – or having your own – is vital.

Local libraries often have computers available for members and sometimes for non-members as well. These can be used to access online resources and complete forms online. Additionally, your local community centre is a good place to check for access to a computer.

Many of the places that provide computer access also provide Wi-Fi internet, enabling you to use your own laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Most cafes, pubs, and restaurants will provide free Wi-Fi for customers, so you can browse the internet and check your email while relaxing with a fresh coffee.

Smartphones have become increasingly common and use a mobile data connection, allowing their users internet access on the go.

If you have any questions or concerns about yourself or a friend or family member needing to access services online, feel free to call us on 01392 984873.

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