Protect IT for Macs

We are pleased to announce that Mac users can now benefit from the same level of security as those on Windows, with full Protect-IT support.  Both Mac and Windows machines can be covered on the same Protect-IT subscription, allowing you to cover all your bases at once.

There’s a common myth in the wider public eye that Macs don’t need protection from viruses or malware, but this isn’t true. Macs are less frequently targeted than Windows PCs, but the creators of such attacks are fully aware that Macs are often less protected than PCs because of this erroneous belief and are happy to take advantage of it.  As a result, Macs need regular updates and strong anti-malware security just as Windows PCs do.

Our updated Protect-IT package now provides Macs with:

  • SentinelOne Endpoint Detection and Response, which detects malware threats as they appear by analysing suspicious behaviour, even catching new threats that haven’t been seen before.
  • Full Backup and Recovery for documents and workstations, to ensure that your files remain safe.

Both options are also available as standalone products.

If you’re interested in keeping your Mac safe with our comprehensive Protect-IT solution, just get in touch.

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