Windows 11 Passkey Preview

As part of Microsoft’s ongoing mission to replace passwords, the latest Windows 11 Insider Build comes with added support for logging into websites and applications using your face, fingerprint, or Windows PIN. Windows 11 does this by creating and storing passkeys, which are used by the computer rather than directly typed in by the user.

Windows Insider Builds are previews intended to test features before being rolled out to the public. This means that this new feature is not currently available to most Windows 11 users and will be added in a later update.

Microsoft is keen to replace passwords as they are one of the most common places where a malicious user can trick their way into a computer, often by tricking users into giving up their passwords to the wrong person. Passwords are also often used in multiple sites, such that a data breach in one place can open access to many other accounts owned by the same person.

If you have any questions about passwords and alternatives to using them, just get in touch.

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