Windows Copilot

The 23H2 update for Windows 11 enables Windows Copilot, which uses AI to assist the user in their tasks. Let’s take a closer look at what that means.

Copilot is Microsoft’s new assistant integrated into Windows, Edge, Bing, and Microsoft 365. Copilot has already been available for Bing for several months now. What Copilot does is that it allows the user to ask questions, and Copilot will understand and respond.

The simplest application of this is like searching for information through a search engine but the key points are summarised and backed up with additional links. Copilot can also help with writing and drawing, taking prompts and using them as a basis for text and images.  Additionally, it can change Windows settings and configuration based on the questions you ask.

Copilot has limitations, by design. Copilot cannot access your emails or other Microsoft 365 data or cloud storage, and the conversations you have aren’t used to further train Copilot. This is all to ensure that your privacy is maintained, as for many people, privacy and security are the major concerns regarding the use of generative AI and how it is trained.

Copilot is the latest in a line of assistants from Microsoft. Clippit was supposed to assist in writing documents, but was infamous for poor suggestions, being useless at best, and annoying at worst, and remains a common subject of parody and memes. Clippit was often replaced with one of the other assistants, usually Links the cat who was considered much cuter. After the Office Assistant was discontinued, mobile devices later on would come with Cortana, which could assist in online searches, set reminders, store notes, and send phone notifications to a PC, all features that were far better received until Cortana was also eventually discontinued. Copilot is intended to improve vastly on the functionality of these previous assistants and integrate with more Microsoft products.

If you have any questions or concerns about Copilot, just get in touch.

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